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GroupServer is developed by, where groups can collaborate easily using email.

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GroupServer is a mailing list manager: an email sent to one address is then sent on to many people. In this way it is a list server like GNU Mailman. GroupServer also has an integrated web interface, so you can use the web to post, read the archives, and administer your groups. It is a bit like Google Groups. GroupServer gives you an open source system under your control: your groups, on your site, on your hardware. Find out more about the features of GroupServer.

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GroupServer is flexible: a single GroupServer instance powers this site, all the sites at OnlineGroups.Net, and the Forums.

GroupServer is scalable: it handles over seven thousand email messages a month, spread across multiple domains.

GroupServer is stable: it has been in production for over ten years.

GroupServer 16.04

Download GroupServer 16.04  for free now.


GroupServer is under active development.

GroupServer is written in Python, using the Zope Application Framework (just like Mailmain 3) and is released under the open source ZPL 2.1 License.