Topics in GroupServer development

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Topics in GroupServer development
  Topic Posts Latest Post
Tips/Guidance/Documentation for importing posts from other list server 31 bob at 3:00am, Jan 09
Site Admins and Secret Groups 1 joeterranova at 7:12pm, Dec 29
Disable welcome message? 1 mr.krispii at 2:35pm, Dec 23
Disable subscribe by email 3 Michael JasonSmith at 3:30pm, Dec 22
Installing GroupServer - prerequisites 6 arosca at 11:06pm, Dec 01
Proxy question - serving non-GS content on the same hostname 5 Michael JasonSmith at 3:37pm, Nov 04
Changing hostname of a GroupServer installation 11 Michael JasonSmith at 3:27pm, Nov 04
Post upgrade server error 6 Peter Cheney at 2:11am, Nov 02
Another mbox2gs-related Q 3 Michael JasonSmith at 2:29pm, Oct 28
GS and upstart 2 Piers Goodhew at 10:56am, Oct 24, 2016
Bulk User Import - I think I made some progress! 12 Piers Goodhew at 10:29am, Oct 23, 2016
mr.developer in groupserver/buildout master 2 Michael JasonSmith at 12:18pm, Oct 14, 2016
16.04 fresh install from groupserver/buildout - two sites - all good 2 Michael JasonSmith at 2:42pm, Oct 10, 2016
Using a skin to override templates, css 1 Nick Bell at 1:43pm, Sep 30, 2016
mr.developer - trying to work on gs code to change IOGN profile field names 8 Michael JasonSmith at 1:34pm, Sep 30, 2016
500 Internal Server Error on topics/posts containing spacer images. 7 Michael JasonSmith at 12:36pm, Sep 30, 2016
Member directory 3 Nick Bell at 11:28am, Sep 30, 2016
Hiding Biography and Timezone fields 2 Michael JasonSmith at 9:39am, Sep 30, 2016
Upgrading from gs 14.11 to 16.04 - Success 2 Michael JasonSmith at 1:16pm, Sep 29, 2016
Visibility of email addresses on profile page 4 Michael JasonSmith at 1:14pm, Sep 29, 2016