GroupServer is an open source web-based mailing list manager. It is the system that powers this site, and

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Large Mailing List Sites

Email mailing list servers are useful because they enable people to collaborate in groups, using email. Web-based mailing lists like Google Groups provide the advantage of a web interface for administration and reading and adding posts, but they do not support custom implementation. Open source mailing list managers like Mailman allow the administrator to control the implementation, but they lack a single web interface for administration and reading and adding reading posts.

A Web Interface, and Administrative Freedom

GroupServer offers users the usability of a web interface similar to that of Google Groups, while offering administrators the control that is available with an open source mailing list manager like Mailman.

GroupServer has been used for large mailing list sites since 2005, and is available for free download.

Key Features

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GroupServer's technical architecture makes it customisable, and highly scalable.