Like all mailing list managers, GroupServer enables group members to send and receive messages and files using email. It also provides a full web interface for viewing, searching and posting messages and files. Administration is provided in the same interface. GroupServer is open source and provides the freedom to installed, configure, administer and customise it to meet specific needs.

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GroupServer is free software that enables you to inspect and assess the source code, and to modify it. You can install and customise GroupServer to meet specific needs, as OnlineGroups.net has done for E-Democracy.org and other clients.

GroupServer provides full behind-the-scenes logging and scriptable administration.

Web user interface

GroupServer's web interface allows group members to search and view messages and files and to post messages and files. You can use GroupServer entirely as a web forum, if you wish.

The web interface also enables group members to manage their profile with multiple email addresses and group-level delivery settings. Group and site administration is carried out using the same interface.

Email user interface

With GroupServer you can also read and post messages and files using email.