Privacy policy

All information that you provide to is considered private, and will not be disclosed to anyone other than those listed in the privacy statement. All users and site administrators of must not disclose any information about other users, except to the individuals and organisation listed here and as required by law. In addition, all users must not gather information about another person (regardless of whether he or she is a user of or not) and store it on without getting permission of the person first. This includes signing a person up to a group, as an email address is private information.

Please contact the Privacy Officer if

  • You have a question about your privacy,
  • Any information about you, which is held by, is incorrect, or
  • You wish to make a complaint about a breach of your privacy. privacy statement

In this section the information that will be collected about you and why, where the information will be stored and to whom the information will be disclosed is outlined. If you have any questions about your privacy, you can contact the privacy officer at

Your profile

Your profile consists of your name, your email addresses, and other information that describes you.

Your name and email addresses will be used as contact information by administrators of sites that are part of In addition, messages relating to the groups that you belong to will also be sent to your email addresses. Your name and email address will be disclosed to all members of a group when you post a message to the group. In addition, if you post to a group that is visible to the public, the your name will be visible to all visitors to the group. (The homepage for each group lists what information is visible to the public.)

The profile information, other than your name and email address, will usually be visible to other members, so they can find out more about you. You do not have to provide any information other than your name email address.

Files and messages

Files and messages that you post to are archived so other group members can see what has been discussed. All files and messages that you post are visible to current and future members of the group and the site administrators. In addition, if the group you belong to is visible to the public, the messages and files will be visible to all visitors to the group.

Storage of information

Your profile information, and the messages and files that you post to, is stored by In addition, messages and files are available to other members of groups that you belong to, or the public, and may be stored on any computer systems that they use.

Disclosure of information

Your information will be not be disclosed to anyone other than those outlined above, except for those outlined in the New Zealand Privacy Act, 1993.

Contact information

Michael JasonSmithPrivacy Officer for
+64 3 377 5377 is run by GroupSense Limited and iOpen Technologies Limited, trading as